mothvertising is the future of advertising.

if you would like to promote something via mothvertisement, get in touch. make sure to send a 728x90 and 300x250 image, along with the desired target URL and alt text. mothvertisements are available free of charge if whatever you want to promote is cool, funny, or gay enough.

if you would like to add mothvertisements to your site, you may use the following code to do so:

	#mothvertisement {
		margin-left: auto;
		display: block;
		margin-right: auto;
		max-width: 728px;
		width: 100%;
		height: 90px;

	@media (max-width: 750px) {
		#mothvertisement {
			max-width: 300px;
			width: 100%;
			height: 250px;
<iframe src="" id="mothvertisement"></iframe>

mothvertisements may be broken by some ad blockers. this is reasonable, given what an ad-blocker does in the first place. consider disabling your ad-blocker on any sites which participate to enjoy mothvertisements.